What is this project?

FantasyPunks are a fantasy-themed NFT art project on the Cardano blockchain. Each NFT is a unique pixel-style character carrying different attributes.

The 6 races available in Series 1 are: Orc, Elf, Goblin, Dwarf, Treant and Demon

When does the sale start?

October 22nd 18:00 UTC

How to buy/mint?

There is going to be a sale section on our website that enables you to mint a specific amount of FantasyPunk NFTs. A wallet will then be presented to send your ADA to. Send 25 ADA per NFT and you are going to receive the token shortly.

Please don't use exchange-wallets or your NFT and ADA will be lost!

We suggest to use one of these Shelley-era wallets:

  • Yoroi

  • Nami

  • Adalite

  • Daedalus

  • CCWallet

How many FantasyPunks will be minted?

10.000 while 50 are reserved for giveaways and promotion!

How can i view my NFT?

Check out if you haven't. Enter your wallet address in the search bar and you can see all your NFTs!